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SSF Youth Baseball

SSF Youth Baseball Spring 2019

The SSFYBMA (Pony/Bronco) and SSFSPM (Shetland, Pinto, Mustang/Pee Wee) leagues have restructured the leagues.

Here’s what you need to know: The leagues’ Pony, Bronco, Mustang/Pee Wee, Pinto, and Shetland have been restructured based on grades not age.

Majors will be for 8th graders and 7th graders who are selected to play after the tryout. All players in Majors will have to tryout regardless if they are returning or not.

AAA will be for 7th graders who were not selected to Majors and for 6th and 5th graders.

AA will be for 5th graders who were not selected to AAA and for 4th and 3rd graders.

A will be for 3rd graders not selected on AA and for 2nd and 1st graders.

Rookie ball (T-ball) will be for kindergartners

All players moving up to a new level (A, AA, AAA and Majors) will be required to attend a tryout.

Players will be notified by Feb. 8th of their team assignment.

Practices will start in early to mid-Feb. weather permitting. League play will start in early to mid-Mar. weather permitting.

All players are required to participate in a league fundraiser.

There will be a full league parade in March weather permitting (details TBD).

In-person registration will take place on January 5,12,16,17 and 19 at 33 Arroyo, SSF.

Sat sign-ups 9am-12pm and weeknight sign-ups are between 7-9 pm.

On-line sign-ups available Nov. 19th to Jan. 25th.

Early bird available until Dec. 31st and late fee applied to sign-ups from Jan. 19th to Jan. 25th.